Helping mission champions to multiply Kingdom impact
David helps business and ministry leaders to launch and serve God Movements Globally
Meet David

David has been pioneering God Movements and mentoring leaders on every continent for over 30 years.

The result has been thousands of new churches and disciples that bring life-giving transformation to their communities.

He currently serves as the Strategic Director for Accelerate Global, Director of Southern Africa and Global Urban Ministry for New Generations and Executive Director of Twofoureight in South Africa.

David is married to Michelle and they have two adult children. He is a bad golfer, average photographer and self-confessed coffee addict.  David’s primary role is coaching leaders to launch, lead and multiply God Movements globally.


Leadership Mentoring
Strategic Coaching
Organizational Transition

5 Practical ways that you can participate in the phenomenal movement of God around the world

Have you always known that you were shaped for significance?

Is there a yearning deep inside to participate in God’s mission?

Our churches are filled with successful business leaders sitting on unrealized potential.
This potent booklet outlines how you can be empowered to make a true, lasting impact and leave a spiritual legacy for generations to come.

What others say…

David has the ability to see the big picture, build strategies and mobilize people to achieve them. I have seen David in a variety of contexts over a period of many years and I can recommend him to you as a trainer, leader, strategist and partner.
  • Harry Brown, President of New Generations
David's grasp of movement dynamics is grounded in practice and experience. He is, without question, one of the leading global authorities on how disciples of Jesus can be made among the nations with extraordinary effectiveness.
  • Dr. Sam Metcalf, President of Novo (formerly CRM)
  • Author: Beyond the Local Church: How Apostolic Movements can Change the World
David is a very gifted strategist and leader. I have known him make sacrifices that took my breath away. But in response, God's outsized outcomes have been even more breath-taking.
  • Jerry Trousdale, Director of International Ministries Cityteam International
  • Author: Miraculous Movements and Kingdom Unleashed
The Remarkable Power of Brokenness
Published: Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Even at first glance, his eyes told a story. It was a story of deep pain, suffering and betrayal. Our conversation quickly revealed the depth of this initial impression. Sitting before me was a man who radiated an intense compassion and kindness. One that that had been shaped through years of suffering. He was a man that I instinctively trusted. He was broken. Yet his brokenness was strangely... Read more


Help David to mentor
Mission Champions

90% of the remarkable movement leaders that David serves – many in third world contexts - are unable to pay the costs.
These are leaders with massive untapped potential to transform their communities.
David relies on the sacrifice of generous donors to help.

All it takes is a regular gift of:

$1,000 (10,000ZAR)
$150 (1,500ZAR)
$25 (250ZAR)


Invitation to
God Movements

The God Movements invitation is a one day facilitated training experience
  • Gain an understanding of God Movements, what they are and why they are needed.
  • Build an action plan to address the challenges that keep you from participating in God’s global movement.
  • Learn some of the first principles that help you to design your own unique pathway into God Movements.
  • Discover your unique contribution to movements and 5 ways that every person can participate.
  • Draft a Legacy Plan and set 3 Simple Next Steps in place to move forward immediately.
Learn About GOD Movements
Learn about the exciting God Movements that are exploding around the world and how you can be involved right where you are.
Connect With GOD Movements
Understand the 5 Ways to Connect with God Movements globally and discover your unique path to Kingdom engagement.
Engage With GOD Movements
Meet God Movement leaders and experience the dynamic of peer adaptive learning for advancing God Movements globally.