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Workplace Disciple Making

Discovery Groups are taking off in cities – and one of the contexts is the workplace. This is the place where many people spend the majority of their time.

Watch as we visit a workplace Discovery Bible Study in Cape Town, South Africa. Listen to the stories of how it is changing lives – not only of the participants, but also their families and communities. Can we believe for more of these to be started in workplaces globally?



It is great to see how God is using ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Just imagine what could happen if every follower of Christ would believe that He has already given us everything we need to bring about transformation…

Super, …it is always helpful to see how others do DBS, because this can be a kick start for many to start their own groups! Thanks.

Really enjoyed watching this. Exciting to see what God is doing through ordinary people.

This kind of video is very helpful to stimulate people to think about what they can do.

Thank you, David. This is great feedback!