"David is a very gifted strategist and leader. And he is one of the most intelligent and intentional leaders that I know - not focused on extending his reputation, but about advancing God's Kingdom where it has yet to go. I have known him make sacrifices that took my breath away. But in response, God's outsized outcomes have been even more breathtaking."

Jerry Trousdale, Director of International Ministries Cityteam International,
Author: Miraculous Movements


"David's grasp of movement dynamics is grounded in practice and experience. The contribution that he has had on our personnel and ministries around the world is remarkable. He has helped us to understand and implement a philosophy of ministry where multiplying gospel movements is actually happening. David has done this with humility and grace. He is, without question, one of the leading global authorities on how disciples of Jesus can be made among the nations with extraordinary effectiveness."

Dr. Sam Metcalf, President: CRM-US
Author: Beyond the Local Church: How Apostolic Movements can Change the World


"David is one of a handful of people I turn to for wisdom and insights into the dynamics of disciple-making movements. He’s close to the action and he’s always learning. I value his experience and fresh thinking. Most of all, he’s a dear friend and a devoted follower of Jesus Christ."

Steve Addison, Director of MOVE
Author: Pioneering Movements


"I have always appreciated David’s deep analysis and innovative ideas about urban Disciple Making Movements. David is someone I will describe as a humble passionate reflective practitioner. He is an innovator. He has developed some best practices that has led to Disciple Making Movements in cities. When it comes to urban Disciple Making Movements, David is one of the “must talk to” experienced leaders."

Younoussa Djao, Africa Director Cityteam International


"I count David as a mentor, friend and co-conspirator in the effort to catalyze viral movements of the good news that Jesus brought from our Father in heaven. His keen mind, grasp of culture and Biblical truth make every engagement we have an worthy investment of my time." 

Roy Moran, Founding Catalyst at Disciple KC, Chief Visionary at Shoal Creek Community Church,
Author: Spent Matches


"David is a key voice in the worldwide multiplication of Disciple Making Movements. His passion for the Kingdom of God and his example of integrity in ministry are some of the qualities that have made an impact in my life. He is an authentic follower of Jesus. As a friend, he has always challenged me to ask the key questions that will lead to exponential increase of new disciples." 

David Parish, President of World Missions and Evangelism, Inc.


"David Broodryk is a quality leader for the Kingdom of God. David has a broad range of experience and has proven to be an impact player. David has the ability to see the big picture, build strategies and mobilize people to achieve them. I have been especially impressed to see how David and his team have translated the principles of Disciple Making Movements that have worked so well in the rural/tribal context into the large urban environment. I have seen David in a variety of contexts over a period of many years and I can recommend him to you as a trainer, leader, strategist and partner."

Harry Brown, VP International Ministries Cityteam International


"I appreciate David's vision to see growing Disciple-Making Movements in Southern Africa and beyond. He has lived a faithful commitment to accelerate mentors, teams, discovery groups, and gatherings for God's glory. His burden for the lost is expressed in his focus to reach unchurched people. He has a heart to keep learning and developing others as well. David is man of character and integrity. He is devoted to his family and growing intimacy with God."

Rev. Karl Teichert, Director of OC Africa
Coordinator for Church Planting Alliance of Southern Africa


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