Mid-sized Gatherings

The best atmosphere for healthy, constructive church community is often the mid-sized group. This is the conclusion I have come to after 25 years of ministry, mission and building movements. Allow me to explore this with you. I will be the first to admit that we are still learning and my thoughts are highly subjective. Comments are welcome.

The Person of Peace

“How will God provide for me when I enter into pioneer work? How will I gain access to new communities?”

Both these important questions are answered in the passage we will study. We will discover that the person of peace is God’s provision and point of access for new work.

Sustainable Movements

There is a surge of interest on movements globally. However, often the excitement is about one aspect of the Kingdom that gets taken out of balance from the other aspects. The church and mission worlds seem to continually swing from one extreme to another. Although this generates some short-term momentum, it fails to build sustainable progress in the long and even medium term.

The Hunter and the Herder

Hunting and herding require vastly different skill sets. Both have specific, crucial roles to play in a Church Planting Movement. Neither role can fulfil its full potential without the other.

The greatest single crisis in the church is that we have hired hunters to be herders. That's a bit like asking a cat to bark or a cow to bleat. When we try to serve God in mismatched roles, we end up hurt and confused. We also hurt others.

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