There is a surge of interest on movements globally. However, often the excitement is about one aspect of the Kingdom that gets taken out of balance from the other aspects. The church and mission worlds seem to continually swing from one extreme to another. Although this generates some short-term momentum, it fails to build sustainable progress in the long and even medium term.

Kingdom movements consist of five different movements balanced in one. Each of these must continue to self-replicate and grow in harmony with the others. This is how movements continue and remain sustainable.

These five movements are:

1.  A prayer movement
2.  A disciple making movement
3.  A leadership development movement
4.  A church formation movement
5.  A transformation movement

Any one of these without the others will not sustain.

During strategic mentoring, I take leaders through a step by step approach to building each of these movements in a nation. Many leaders get trapped inside one of these and cannot understand why they do not make progress. A strategic leader must be able to step away from the work and evaluate the mobilisation of people towards building holistic movements that will last for generations to come.

Are you trapped inside a tunnel vision? Are you making disciples but failing to form churches? Or are you serving the poor but failing to make disciples? Perhaps you are praying but failing to do anything further to catalyse movements. Take a day (or three, or seven!) to stand back and consider. Look at the movement you are building. Are there people on the sidelines who can be mobilised? Building a movement is radically different to building a ministry or an institution. A prayer ministry, for example, is very different to a prayer movement. A church plant is very different to a church planting movement.

The role of a strategist is to consider these questions and to build five movements in harmony with one another.


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